seeing so many weddings lately….

and one of my all time favorite weddings of late is that of Ellie from mint design blog……..the save the date cards …..the invitations, the …everything…was done to perfection and no detail was left out…..seriously one of the prettiest and graphically well done weddings I have had the priviledge to lay eyes on…..

hop on over to mint to check it out and I promise you will get lost for a very long time perusing the goodness……

have a great weekend friends! I’ll be visiting all of your blogs and catching up, as soon as I get all the laundry done from a week of vacation! xoxo

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  1. f2images

    Those invitations are gorgeous…and so special. I love that there could be an array of designs that work together for one event, instead of just one…all the same. Very creative!

  2. heather carr

    I’m in total agreement with you. Definitely one of the cutest papergoods for weddings I’ve seen.

  3. our little love nest

    Gorgeous colours!

  4. two brunettes

    all of her stuff is beautiful right?! Ellie is fantastic! Your vaca looked like so much fun Disney is one of my all time favorite spots, you really feel like you’re in a different world.

  5. ellie of mint

    oh, barb, what a treat to see these on your blog this morning! thanks so much for the kind words – and for all the kind comments!!

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