Roadside wooden bowls

woodenbowls3woodenbowls1 woodenbowls2 woodenbowls4 Woodenbowls5The other week as I was out for a morning run, I passed a house that had a pile of wooden forms and bowls out by the curb. In my neighborhood…this is what we do with things we no longer want…and people {like me or the trash pick up} drive through and enjoy the spoils.

I for one, did not want to finish my run and then go back for the bowls….instead, I took a short cut, hopped in the truck and went back and loaded up! I did return to my run afterwards….but first things first!

The bowls are random shapes….one looks like a fish, one like a peanut, but the rest are just this really organic pod shape. I am really looking forward to transforming them and am hoping to be able to make them food safe.. {because I want to keep one as a salad bowl!}…but if not food safe…….then they will just be really wonderful wooden bowls with a great story of transformation and redemption!



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  1. what a find! i was out for a morning run with friends once and found a cedar chest! woo hoo! guess i should run more.

  2. I clearly live in the wrong neighborhood! And I’d have done the same thing ~ trash pickin’ first, exercise later…

  3. Karen brown

    Hi Barb, my dad hand carves wood bowls and he really like the general finishes “salad bowl finish”. Good luck and great find!

  4. Ahh! fantastic find!! Too fun, I’d be whippin’ my paints out and having a ball with those. 🙂

  5. Ooh I love curb side shopping although I don’t think I’ve ever found anything this wonderful. Visiting from MMS. Love your blog! J

  6. I love wood bowls. I have a hard time passing them up when I see them in our neighborhood thrift store. I get so much satisfaction out of stripping off the ugly varnish & giving them a few good coats of cutting board beeswax. They look so gorgeous in their natural state.

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