Rise up

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Well, I have exactly ten days until the final deadline for Knack book two is here! In those ten days I have a final photoshoot and much sketching and writing to accomplish! I am nervous, sick to my stomach, excited, coming out of my skin, and everything in between! The nervousness comes from wanting everything to be in on time, but that will go away as soon as I hit the send button. The excitement comes from knowing that months and months of planning and hard work are coming to an end and it feels good….oh so good to turn in this work and get excited about what it means for me and for my family.

Thank you to all of you who continue to cheer me on and let me know that you see me! Your friendship and words of encouragement are so awesome and life giving! I absolutely cannot wait to share this project with you all!

xo, Barb

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  1. I’m so happy for you Barb! I can’t wait to see book 2!

  2. Vera Cruz

    Always cool statements. I love how ENTHUSIASM sounds, in English, Its a really enthusiastic sound !!! : ) : ) . Ando don’t ask me why, just because!!!! : ) : )

    • Barb Blair

      Vera! you are so cute…..enthusiasm is a great word indeed! xo

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