Really Pretty Shoes

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il_570xN.478321881_33kzI saw these shoes up close and personal at the Brooklyn Flea Last weekend. I got to feel the super soft leather, and see with my own eyes the craftsmanship of each shoe available, which was superb. I also got to chat with one of the craftsmen, and he was super kind and knowledgeable. When you purchase a pair of these shoes, you pick the style you want…. and then your foot is measured, and the shoes are then made specifically for your foot.

The shoes are priced accordingly, and are not for everyone’s budget….but, their story, quality, and beauty are priceless. There is just something special about hand made, and a connection with the maker.

Visit good bye folk at the Brooklyn flea, or through their Etsy shop.



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  1. Allison A.

    Love the mint ones! My hubby has a pair very similar to the 2nd pair, for men of course with ties. They are quite dapper!

    • Barb Blair

      Allison, Those are the ones that drew me in too! Love the mint color on such a traditional shoe :}

      I bet your hubbies shoes are amazing! Love that style….and very dapper indeed! xo

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