…yesterday, while working on a writing assignment that I have coming up about why I love painting and transforming furniture…….I remembered this sweet children’s story that I used to read to my little ones……..I located it on my daughters bookshelf in her closet, and fell in love with this amazing story all over again….

….it’s all about the wemmicks ….little wooden people….made by a wonderful carpenter named eli…..and they live in a little village where all they do all day is walk around with their little boxes of golden stars and gray dots and place them on each other. If you are beautiful, talented, well dressed, and can sing pretty you get lots of stars…..but if your wood is chipped and your paint is peeling …..you have no talents and say silly things you get dots ……..{you can see where this is going}….

….there is one little wooden guy named punchinello who only gets dots, and he is so sad because he tries so hard to get stars but he only ends up just making things worse……..he doesn’t even want to go out anymore because he is so covered in dots it’s embarassing ….. and the only people he is comfortable with are the other wemmicks that have lots of dots ……then he meets lucia, and she doesn’t have any stars or dots because they won’t stick to her……he has to know how she does this………

….and the rest my friends…..you will have to read for yourself! I love this book, and seek to live my life this way {and see furniture this way!}……..if you have not heard of it, or haven’t read it…….go out now and buy it…….“you are special” by max lucado ……and read it over and over…..

…choose to not let the dots stick or the stars matter…..


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  1. skB

    Graeme has requested that his aunt Barbie find that book once again– when he comes to visit her next month. He has requested story hour with aunt Barbie;-)

    {I love that one too….}

  2. daisy janie

    I don't know that story, but I like the message so far!!! Will have to check it out!

  3. Sherri

    Sounds great! Have you ever read "The Sneetches" by Dr. Suess? It is a very similar story-same theme. Great lessons for children, yes, but I think it is adults who generally need to read these!

  4. Teresa Roche

    Such a wonderful story and lessons for both young and old – thank you for sharing and helping me to remember too.
    art & light

  5. urban flea

    that looks so lovely! i'll check it out for sure… i was so pleased to see your sweet comment, thank you so much!

    xo katherine aka. urban flea 🙂

  6. Sara

    Oh no – poor little punchinello! I'm off to find a copy so that I can stop feeling sad for him when I learn of his happy ending.

  7. simplesong

    what a great book … and great illustrations!

    and thanks for your super sweet comment. happy new year, friend! xx

  8. Rachel • cREaTe

    we have that book … hadn't read it in years. thanks for the reminder & so neat that it's the way you look at your beautiful pieces of furniture. such a beautiful message. 🙂

  9. Courtney

    love this. Not sure how I missed this story until now….sounds so cute. And I love some Max Lucado!

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