patience in anger :: peace and deep breaths

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The older I get, the more and more I realize how true …..and ultimately peaceful this concept is. When I am really riled up, I can tend to be a hot head and I definitely speak my mind! What is in my mind ….should not always come out immediately though.

As I deal with frustrating situations with my children or spouse, weird people, unfairness, irresponsibility on my part as well as others, loss, change….or whatever it is….I am learning that it is totally ok to say “I need a moment” or “I need to go work for a bit until this anger subsides”.

If I compare the two instances side by side, I always regret the heat of the moment things that are said…..but when I have taken time to step back, think, pray, and try to understand the situation it always ends in a completely different way…..and in a way that I am much more peaceful about.

Take that moment.



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  1. Naomi

    I really needed this reminder today – thank you!

    • Barb Blair

      Naomi, me too! you are welcome! xo

    • Barb Blair

      Jenny…..thumbs up! xo

  2. This is so true, especially after going through my divorce and learning about dysfunction/abuse in relationships. It’s time consuming and very hard to remove the verbal scars that take less than a second to create with a wild and angry tongue. <3

    • Barb Blair

      Susan, I am so sorry to hear about your divorce and the dysfunction and abuse. Glad to hear that you are moving into a healthy place and getting back to furniture and the things that you love! xo

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