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this has been the month for nurseries …. which I’m just pleased as punch about because if you know me well at all I am the baby freak! Love them and want to eat them!

I just finished this chest for “baby v” ….. my client miss “C” already knew what she wanted when she came to me {woo hoo}… she picked out the color and the papers and the knobs ….. and I just completely executed her ideas! I also painted a beautiful twin bed to match this dresser for when wee one is ready to move into her “big girl bed”.

Thank you so much “C” for entrusting me with such an important project! I had so much fun with this! xo

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  1. Munted kowhai

    Oh B! That teal and coral red with pinks! Miss C is a lady with great taste and knows what she wants and you were the perfect woman to execute it! Plus I went over to Design blog and saw your home. I also saw Mrs French and Blue moss’s craft!

  2. Miss C

    Barb, you’re being modest. It was your ideas, creative eye and magic touch that made this piece so awesome, so I would say it was collaboration. You were fun and easy to work with. I can’t wait for the big reveal!

  3. Julia

    The chest of drawers started out with great details and structure! I love the color and papers combined with it!

  4. carissa... brown eyed fox

    made my jaw drop AGAIN!

    lOvE that color! would you ever share the name of that color? πŸ™‚

  5. mayaluna

    gorgeous color and details. Love those knobs! Used the same or similar on rustic doors at the barn.

  6. Holly

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! I love this one!!! I LOVE the top!!!

  7. knack

    thanks so much friends! so glad you all like this piece…. I loved doing it! xoxo

  8. paperlust

    thanks for stopping by! how could i not love your work? you are such an inspiration… i can’t wait to see what other beautiful pieces you come up with!

  9. f2images

    Wow, I’m loving the lines in that chest. That aqua-ish blue with the print top is so incredible. I can’t say enough.


  10. sara's art house

    Love the paper patches!!! Gorgeous πŸ™‚

  11. SimplyGrove

    I love this!!!!! The colors are gorgeous!!

  12. pink olive

    the paper is just gorgeous! it’s the perf combination with the color of chest. well done!! xoxo

  13. Lamia

    Hi I discovered your blog bc I am trying myself to renew some old furniture we just bought from the driftstore (my bf and I just moved in together and we decided to boycott ikea or at limit it!)
    I am keen on putting a fancy paper on top of one commode we bought but i dont know what kind of papers neither how to stick it!
    For our buffet I am also very keen to get this ‘old but authentic’ look you create on some of ur furniture, I guess u have to use some special paint and/ or do the scratching by hands, any advice??

    Many thanks for recycling in such a beautiful way : you are a great source of inspiration and that is a pity we dont have such beautiful french blogs in France!!!

    Lm – Paris

  14. knack

    hey lamia,

    wow…. all the way from paris…. how cool! Thanks so much for your sweet enthusiasm about my work! It is much appreciated! xoxo

    The kind of paint I use is a latex paint in a satin finish and I do all of the sanding by hand. As far as getting the paper to stick…you can use either wallpaper or wrapping paper or really any paper that you like……. I use a product called modge podge and that is how you adhere the paper to the piece….. then you can do two things: cut the paper at the edges with a craft knife or use a sander to sand it off. To make the wood look aged and worn you do the same thing with the sand paper just sand off where you want it to look old.

    Hope this helps!! If you have any other questions email me ….

    good luck with your projects!

  15. Jennifer DeDonato

    Wonderful colors! I love it!

  16. S p a c e / L i f t

    So gorgeous! You always inpire me!

  17. S p a c e / L i f t

    So gorgeous! You always inpire me!

  18. S p a c e / L i f t

    So gorgeous! You always inpire me!

  19. S p a c e / L i f t

    So gorgeous! You always inpire me!

  20. S p a c e / L i f t

    So gorgeous! You always inpire me!

  21. S p a c e / L i f t

    So gorgeous! You always inpire me!

  22. S p a c e / L i f t

    So gorgeous! You always inpire me!

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