pam garrison

I have another bit of fabulousness for your monday morning!! As I was visiting one of my favorite blogs…. crooked shmooked …..I came across this fantastic garland which then led me to the wonderful world (and blog) of pam garrison!! I’m hooked and will be putting her in my {froth} section to visit whenever I please …. which will be LOTS!!

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  1. Project Ecoart

    I came across this in my blog travels as well and plan on using it in my Valentine’s window. Super fun project!

  2. Heidi Jo

    So great, right? I can’t wait to make it when David and I are out of my parents’ house and are back in our house!

  3. knackstudio

    totally great ……. I would love to attempt them myself, but I’m better with paint than paper sometimes!!:)

  4. mayaluna

    beautiful inspiration! I came across these recently, but never followed the trail…now I’m off!

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