smooooooth like butter:)

I had to share my latest find!! I have been looking for an office type chair to use at my studio desk, and I walked into goodwill last night and there was this AMAZING yellow chair !! It is so clean and in perfect shape, I had to have it! I love good finds like this, and I won’t do a single thing different to it!

Smart cookie!!

I wanted to show you all this picture, because this is what I envision for the green china cabinet I have! I want for people to think outside the box of…. I don’t have any china/dishes to put in there, to…. oh I could do this, and that, and etc….. I LOVE that this is instantly a cabinet full of goodies that can be in ANY room of the house!!:) Great stuff!!

Kacy Mehlem Photography !!

I want to let you all know who our guest artist for the month is ……

art & light announces May’s “First Friday” featured artist, Kacy Mehlem, Photographer.

“Crossroads”, the debut of Kacy’s work featuring local high school seniors

“Pride & Joy”, a compilation of black & white images specifically chosen by the families of the children featured in the collection (Conley and Brynn are two of the pride and joy collection!)

Greenville, SC, May 2 and 3 (Friday 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.) (Saturday 10:00 – 3:00 p.m.)

About the Artist:

Kacy Mehlem is a self-taught contemporary lifestyle photographer . Using natural light and a relaxed atmosphere, Kacy’s primary goal is to capture the spirit of each individual she photographs. Kacy specializes in providing custom photography for maternity, newborns, children and teens in Greenville and the surrounding areas of the Upstate .

art & light, located in the Pendleton Street Art District is a fusion gallery/home accents boutique featuring local, emerging artists at affordable prices.

art & light, knack studios, and lily pottery are members of the First Friday organization and are open the first Friday and Saturday of each month.

Flava Flava!!

Well, I have here my newest piece!! I will give you the before and after pictures so you can see the change!! This piece was actually in really great shape structurally, although it did need some serious cleaning and de- greasing:) This was a time consuming one, but I’m happy with it:) Eat up!!

G Magazine

Wanted to share a few photos with you all of the story in the new G Magazine ! They did a WONDERFUL job portraying west greenville , all the artists represented there, and the history of the buildings! Miss lily is sitting pretty as the cover girl for the premier issue:) I’m proud of my studio partner!:) There is a beautiful picture of the art & light gallery, and a few others included here. Thank you gmag for the awesome article, and for shedding some light on a very needy area!

I have a new friend !!

Ok, coolest story ever. I came across miss sylvie through flikr (my photostream page), and was so excited to see knack listed on her pages as “inspirational”, AND as interior design!! We have since shot back a few e-mails, and I found out she had been featured in Better Homes and Gardens a little while back…..the kicker is I had torn out her pages and have them in my inspiration/idea file!!! Isn’t that neat!! I think so:) Well, I have listed pictures of her beautiful shop blossom home as well as the pictures from the magazine that I have torn out!! Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do!

It’s a pillow day!!:)

Today I have listed some throw pillows that I found to be too cute!! These are all by different etsy sellers! Pillows are such an easy way to make a quick , inexpensive change to any room. Instant warmth:) I will list the sellers in order of their picture…. joom, olive, lapomme, track and field designs, and last but not least with the best name I might add, is blair ! Enjoy!!

tiny bowls

Yet another find from one of my etsy favorites!! I love the color and texture of these little bowls!! I can see them sitting on top of one of my painted pieces:) These to me have so many uses!! They are exactly what I look for when I think of a home accessory! Fun and functional!! I also like these because they are made from felt, which is a sustainable recycled material:) If you are interested in checking these out please visit… timaryart !

Half Marathon!!

Well guys I ran a half marathon yesterday!! I was sorely under trained, and it took a very long time, but I FINISHED!! WOO HOO!! It was so good for me to push myself and to see just how strong the mind can be when you dig deep!! I feel like this will help me get back to my normal routine of running and health!!:)The picture I have posted with this is from about four years ago , right after I finished my first 26 miler!! Hopefully soon this will motivate me to get back into my groove!! I don’t ever want to be this out of shape again!!