New goodies

Well, as promised I have photos of some new lily pottery pieces ! I am personally loving the gray tumblers and citrus reamer:) I have a soft spot for anything gray!! Lily has been working on a line of kitchen products and will have some fluted bundt pans coming soon! All of her pieces are food, oven and dishwasher friendly as well. Lily has also been creating new pieces to add to her wearable art line, and has some beautiful new designs! To purchase these one of a kind treasures visit here! Enjoy!!

A couple things about some of my peeps…….

Hello to all!! This will be my last post of the week, so I’ll make it good!! Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

First, I wanted to let you all know that my best pal has uploaded new items to her etsy shop, and you MUST check them out!! They are to die for, and the great thing is you can purchase them online here ! The first photo is a collection of her vintage bangle bracelets with found goodies!

Second, I wanted to introduce you all to the new “NOW LIVE” website of my friend Teresa who runs the art and light gallery!! You can view her website and current inventory here ! You will truly enjoy her eclectic taste and fabulous lamps!!

On monday be looking for pictures from the studio this weekend!! I hope to include photos of lily pottery’s newest offerings and much more goodness from all of my talented peeps!!:) Ta Ta for now;)


This is how I feel today!! I have a big night and weekend coming up! Knack studio will be open for business:) I just wanted to share these adorable banners made from vintage fabric!! I think they are perfect, and will be purchasing a “hooray” one here! I have included a little blurb from the designer to explain her thoughts on these pieces:)

“I’ve been collecting vintage fabrics for years, though I was never able to decide on a project worthy of taking my sheers to their fibers. The banner idea proved itself because it allows me to mix and match patterns and color, a true love of mine. They are designed to be cheery, and perhaps a tad over the top, just as a celebration should be! I absolutely love that my banners have the opportunity to become a tradition with my customers.”

I like the way they think….

I was checking out one of my favorite sites (I have her bookmarked!) famille summerbelle , and she had on her blog these pictures from an italian designer…..Paola Navone, I loved the pictures so much and thought they were so beautiful! I had to share;) If you don’t already, check this site out often, it is very fresh and loaded with great design! Enjoy

good paper

These papers are in my favorite seller section from etsy!! I use a lot of different papers in the furniture business, and am always on the lookout for unique well done prints!! I have found some today!! You can purchase these hand screen printed papers and journals here ! The company name is rifferaff 🙂

Mismatched Goodness

I love and am attracted to found, completely non matching serving platters! There are so many uses for these pieces and the casual but elegant way they encompass whatever is on them is completely tasty!! 🙂

My desk!!

I hope you all don’t go cross eyed when you see this picture, but this is what my work desk and inspiration board look like!! I just received the pictures of my children from kacy mehlem photography! I Love looking at those sweet faces!! Thank you so much Kacy for making a dream of mine come true!!

Inner knack;)

I was browsing the other day on the brown eyed fox blog …. and I came across this fabulous piece with a quote that just made my day!! “unlock your inner knack”…How stinkin great is that?!! I LOVE it!! You all will have to stop by and check out miss carissa’s online shop and blog and see what great things she is up to! Thanks carissa for letting me share!!

Freshies ;)

Sneak Peek!! Come on down to the studio a week from today and check out the new goods!!:) Fri night 6-9 pm and Sat 10 am – 3 pm!! See you there!!

May First Friday weekend!!

Hey all! Just want to remind you that it’s that time again!! FIRST FRIDAYS!! Art & light, Knack, and Lily Pottery all located within the
Flatiron Studios building have completely fresh new goodies for you this month! We have so many exciting things going on, and new things to share with you all!! So…. pop on down to the village of west greenville and be prepared for an exciting evening!!:)