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There is always that piece that just grabs your heart and tugs…hard. Well, this was that piece for me. I created this piece for my Summer collection “Only the Light Moves”  along with 8 other pieces of furniture…and it was truly a pleasure to create each and every piece. I try not to pick favorites, but it was hard not to favor this one due to the fact that this style of furniture is my favorite style of furniture to buy and paint, and the knobs are a design that I have had in my head for a while! It has been so cool to see the memories and visions come to life in the form of gorgeous handcrafted hardware!

The knobs on this piece were designed by myself and local ceramic artist Jennifer Bedenbaugh of Crave Studios. I am really into indigo at the moment, but even more than that….this design was based off a lightning storm that my family and I watched out over the ocean while on vacation last Summer. The white is for the sand dunes, the indigo blue is for the ocean, and the gold is for the flashes of lightening that absolutely blew us away.

So….yes…sometimes picking favorites is unavoidable, but I have to admit….that while my heart was overjoyed today as this lovely lady was loaded up and taken off to her amazing forever home….I had to swallow the lump in my throat. Gonna miss this frosty beauty!

Now, I’m looking forward to the Fall/Winter collection which will launch the first week in November! I’m super excited about the designs and hardware for this collection!


Barb Blair


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