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One of my favorite things to do, and something we did a lot with my new book “Furniture Makes The Room”, is to use the same piece of furniture but style it different ways. The versatility and ease that these statement pieces make is wonderful to see, and I think it really surprises most people!

This week my friend Teresa and I chose to use artwork from her gallery Art and Light  to create two different looks with one of my latest furniture pieces! Here is what we came up with.

The first look is ultra clean and modern with a giant abstract painting by local artist Kevin Isgett. There really did not need to be a whole lot of styling due to the fact that the painting is so incredibly commanding in and of itself. We chose a simple wooden bowl and a super handsome brass lamp and called it perfect!


For the second look, we chose these beautiful and wild bird paintings by local artist Diane Kilgore Condon. We added a cozy rug and some green plants to bring the outdoors in, and a completely different casual yet magical look was created! Isn’t it amazing what a little styling and playing around with different artwork can do?


All artwork is available for purchase at Art and Light , and Teresa is great about pairing the perfect artwork with what you already have in your home!

Mix it up!





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    • Barb Blair

      Thank you so much Jenny! I think it is so cool to switch out a few simple things and get a completely different look!

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