oh how suite it is….

I received a special treat from tasty suite last week!!

After pouring over the new Domino book and seeing all the fabulous styling ideas I was in the market to update several rooms of my house especially the foyer! So…… after walking all around the house and taping my deer head to every surface imaginable .. I decided to put him in the foyer where he is the first thing you see when you walk in my front door!! Actually you can also see him through my front doors as you pass my house since they are glass on top!! ( yes you have my permission to do drive bys!!)

Now to find the perfect table to go under him and a new light fixture……. 🙂 Thanks Kelly for making my foyer suite!

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  1. Katie Runnels

    Cool! Wish I could do a drive by! I’d probably get arrested for stalking!! xo

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