oh for the love of numbers……

these are some chairs that I just finished …….I finally got up the nerve to put numbers on the seats, and I think they are happy now…….. they can be purchased by themselves, or they are fabulous with the table in the previous post…….of course :)…….. Also, some fantastic new number pillows that I now have available in the studio….these also come in black with white numbers ……check out the huge grommet ….I love them so…xo

** the set of four chairs is 200.00 and the pillows are 65.00 ea.

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  1. Collins

    If I had somewhere to put those chairs I would be heading to G Vegas right now to snatch those up. I love them!

  2. our little love nest

    I love the numbers!! That fabric is so sweet. To quote a really cool person I know, 'you are too cool for school!!'xo

  3. PS~Erin

    Oh, I love them! The numbers are perfect… What a great idea. I wish I could come shop at your place and see all of your creations!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Munted kowhai

    you have been one busy lady barb!!! the pub table is so very awesome! makes for a great family meal table. i'm so glad you got the nerve to put numbers onto the chairs. LOVES it.

  5. Amanda Nicole

    I love the graphic quality of numbers – these are highly covetable!

  6. Lucy C

    I love these chairs. Thanks for sharing, they look fabulous!

  7. vintageindie

    Oh Barb, I LOVE them!

    These are SO great!

  8. Melanie

    These are fantastic! I'm getting ready to do a little kitchen chair make over, and am thinking some numbers might find their way into the mix.

  9. JL

    you KNOW i LOVE the numbers!
    missed seeing you all tonight 🙁
    hope it was a magical first friday!
    i HAVE to have that 23 pillow.
    can it be mine???or did it go home with someone tonight?

  10. knack

    Thank you all so much for being just perfectly awesome!

    Dee……hee hee on the quote:)

    JL……..I still have a 23 pillow….do you want me to hold it back for you? I can…. just say the word. xo

  11. orange sugar home

    those are really great. love them. how clever!

  12. paula

    love the numbers on the chairs, they do look happy.

  13. a print a day

    that's impressive. they look really really good.

  14. homesweet

    Can't count how much I LOVE these!!!

  15. Arya Kamath

    The chairs look great – nice idea!

  16. malo

    I love these chairs. The numbers and the colors. What a great idea.

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