new knackage….

These three pieces belong to miss “angie” ….she already had them and wanted me to help them get their knack on……so we went over colors together and looked at all my paper and knob selections, and decided on these combos…….

do ya like them… do ya love them… would you eat them if you could?! I do, I do, and yes I most certainly would……… xoxo

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  1. *plum*tree*studio*

    all of them are very very yummy!! i love the colors…oh how i wish i lived closer. i have a dresser or two that needs the knack touch!

  2. our little love nest

    Loving the gray, green and aqua-ish blue together. I think that last piece just whispered that she wants to come to my house instead of miss “angie’s”.
    LOVE em…xoxo
    Hope your day is smashing as those pieces are!

  3. MaxwellStreet

    they are all gorgeous. wish I knew about you and your fantasticness when I lived in greenville!

  4. Julia

    These are fantastic! I love the little round table. It makes me think of having afternoon tea with a silver tea pot 🙂

  5. Munted kowhai

    get its knack on, haha you’re so cute!
    I love love love love love them! Especially the mini stand with the pops of teal knobs!!

  6. Hello Lindello

    Wow, Can you go through my house and touch up and re-do my furniture? Pleeeaase? These are great! I love the color choice and the fun detail.

  7. Rachel

    i love the gray … and that you do commissions! what a great idea. sometimes we like what we have, it just isn’t living up to its full potential.

  8. Laura

    Love all of them, especially the simple round table! Very inspiring!

  9. Pattie

    I really love these, you really know how to turn things around!!

  10. f2images

    Only you Barb have the magical gift of making me want to “eat” furniture!! What gorgeous pieces. I love that you think of even the smallest details, such as subtle wearing patterns and hardware. It just keeps my eye moving around waiting to see a special detail that I didn’t catch before. Gorgeous.

    Emi 😉

  11. knack

    thanks so much friends! I appreciate the love you all give every day! xo

  12. S p a c e / L i f t

    Absolutely gorgeous…as always!

  13. S p a c e / L i f t

    Absolutely gorgeous…as always!

  14. S p a c e / L i f t

    Absolutely gorgeous…as always!

  15. S p a c e / L i f t

    Absolutely gorgeous…as always!

  16. S p a c e / L i f t

    Absolutely gorgeous…as always!

  17. Amy

    Lovely as always!!! I wish I had half your talent and vision!

  18. SimplyGrove

    I LOVE those blue knobs! Where could I find those beauty’s??

  19. Callie Grayson

    OOO, yes I would they are delicious!!

  20. mayaluna

    your new knackage is fabulous! love the grey with blue knobs… delicious!

  21. HeddyShea

    Love your knackage as always it’s fabulous!


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