my summer …..and this lovely……

…….I have to say this has been such a fantastic summer….I’m not ready for school to start again soon……I want summer to go on forever! I have totally enjoyed the privilege of being my own boss , slowing down, and doing better at the things that matter ……it has been huge for me …….

I am also thankful that I have sweet , sweet customers who have kept me…….. and are continuing to keep me……. very busy creating custom pieces for their homes ! This piece is one of four that I just finished for the mountain home of the “d” family…{awesome people that I now call friends!}….. there will be either mirrors, fabric, or reclaimed wood in the doors when it is completely finished…but that is still being decided.

……..AND to whom it may delight………I have been picking up pieces for myself along the way and now have stacks up to the ceiling that I am fired up and ready to get going on……there will be lots of before and afters over the next several weeks! xo

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  1. PS~Erin

    It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see more!

    I totally agree with you on this summer… It's been completely perfect over here. I want it to continue on indefinitely. I hate that I'm already dreading the start of school for the my little gal, but I'm doing my best not to think about it.

  2. elizabeth@shoptwig

    Can't wait to see what you have in your pile of goodies. I realized we have about 6 or 7 weeks of summer before school. Ugh. I can't believe my little boy will start kindergarten.

  3. erin

    can't wait to see more! this piece is stunning–especially love the door pulls. so glad you're having a wonderful summer! xo.

  4. tara

    Just stunning, as per usual. I love the subtleness of the grey, and the softness of the photos you've done to capture it. Cannot wait to see more.

  5. our little love nest

    I love this piece and the pulls (knobs) are so sweet.

    Summer is amazingly fun. I love it all. It is so nice feeling closer as a family when we are all together more.

    So excited to see all of your inspired furniture treats. I love your creativity. xoxo

  6. Joyce

    This lovely is beautiful! I love it!! I can't believe summer is coming to an end in another month. EEKS time is slipping away. xoxo

  7. Melissa

    Beautiful – it would be so hard to decided what to put in the doors any of those choices would be lovely. Would you mind sharing the name of the paint you used on this piece?

  8. cindy : quaint

    it's a wonderful piece. i'd love to fill it up ;).

  9. Rachel

    i hear you on the topic of summer. last summer when we only had a week left & i realized we didn't have any lazy days were we were BORED, i vowed to slow us down this summer. it's been PERFECT. no agenda is so much better than being over-scheduled. 🙂 happy summer!

  10. Amanda Nicole

    Oh, she looks delightful! Love all the scroll work, and the lining you've chosen!

  11. Kacy Mehlem

    Barb, this is something like what I was saying that I want to hold all my photo albums and photo stuff. Please let me know if you find another one. I would really like the shelves to be a bit taller and deeper since the albums are pretty big. This one is beautiful!!

  12. knack

    thanks friends for your sweet words! …love you guys!

    kacy….I will look for something like this, but I didn't find this one….it belonged to the client! It helps me though to know what you are looking for:)

  13. Sparrow's Nest

    I love the grey. It's one of my favorite colors to use too! Well done!!!

  14. The Other Tiffany

    I can't wait to see what you've been up to in the studio! I love knack eye candy!

  15. f2images

    This piece is gorgeous! I was just at a shop in my area (Milwaukee,WI) that reminded me totally of you and your aesthetic. This piece would have fit in perfectly. Looking forward to the b + a's!!

    Emiko 😉

  16. Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk

    Barb: you continue to inspired me in so many ways. I love to see people who are "living the dream". Can't wait to see more of your scrumptious pieces. xxoo

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