my stylish friend….

I had great fun today with my friend Rebecca shooting some of her new spring line!! Rebecca owns salon 864 & boutique here in Greenville, which offers a full service salon on one side and a boutique on the other side that is chock full of goodies….. {I’m so proud of you girl!}

Rebecca has an uncanny ability to bring in pieces that are not only fabulous but also affordable….. {not an easy task in the boutique world} …….. I am always seeking her help in the fashion realm …. because let’s face it friends ….. I’m a hoodie and tennis shoes kinda girl …… she sets me straight in a skinny minute!! 🙂

So … if you are local stop by her shop and check out the new goodies arriving daily ….. oh, and Jackie …… the blue tights are for you baby!! xoxo

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  1. sara's art house

    LOVE the jeans & black & white shirt- so cute.

  2. Kelley Smith Style

    OMGoodness! such a great post and pics! and i can vouch for the green jacket w/appliques (i’ve seen it in person)–it is one of the cutest things i have ever laid eyes on! rebecca’s got it goin’ on!

  3. rebecca

    Thanks Girlie!!! I had fun and you are so sweet to say what you said 🙂 Thanks for taking pics. I’m proud of all that you are doing in your studio as well.


  4. blue moss

    it all looks so great! can’t wait to go check out rebecca’s new things! 🙂

  5. Jeanette

    I was just in her shop and salon about a month ago and saw that handbag in the bottom right corner. I had to have it! In chocolate brown, though. It’s my new favorite thing!


  6. Heidi Jo

    Super cute! That is my kind of boutique!

  7. Revolution Malibu

    Super cute pics…and the stuff is great too!

  8. The Eclectic Curio...

    i adore her hair!

  9. jackie

    Those blue tights – absolutely love those! She could be my style muse any day! Honestly all of those outfits look like they would be tremendously comfortable as well as being stylish.

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