more excitement…..

my sweet friend jimmie lynn has started a blog and is filling up her etsy site with one new piece a day for the next 30 days! WOW! check out her beautiful new website {designed by my fantastic hubby} and all of the super wonderful things miss “j” creates!

I’m so proud! xoxo

*oh, and p.s. I own my very own necklace that rarely comes off and has become an extra appendage for me:) Seriously……

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  1. JL

    My goodness…this is almost too much excitement!(seriously!) Going to one of my very fav blogs and seeing wingo there! Thank you so very much you sweet-sweet wonderful talented girl…..for everything! xxoo to YOU-JL

  2. Teresa Roche

    Hooray to fabulous hubby – the site is beautiful — just as JL and all her beautiful work!

  3. Anonymous

    I love WINGO! and I can’t say enough about Jimmie Lynn. She inspires me!

  4. Pattie

    I like the peace be still it reminds me of my mother 🙂

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