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  1. createacraft

    this is beautiful..
    the table and the whole set ..
    bur I fell in love with this luggage on the drawer chest..

  2. danielle

    I LOVE the pieces in your October collection. What’s the trick for getting the distressed look you do so well?

  3. Mrs.French

    oh how I wish I could visit and see everything up close…sigh…

  4. KatyO

    I adore your work! I am always checking your site to see the new and inventive items on display. I am curious though … with an item like this desk that has paper (wallpaper, wrapping paper??) applied to it, do you then put a sheet of glass or plexiglass on top of it to protect it from damage? Or does applying modge podge prevent any stains, knicks or bumps that are bound to happen on a working desk?

  5. knackstudio

    Hey katyo!!

    Enjoyed talking with you on the phone today:) I know we already talked about the top of the desk, but I just wanted to comment back to you!! 🙂

  6. knackstudio

    The trick for my distressed look is always experimenting and improving the tools and product that I use. Every piece is different and develops it’s own personality!

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