mid week :: winter gardens, fall leaves, and zombies

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The Fall is officially upon us, and as I look at these images from the week I can’t help but notice the colors that come out this time of year. The reds seem to be extra vibrant and rich this year. I wonder why that is? Why some years certain colors shine more than others? Some years I feel like the oranges are so hot they almost burn your eyes and the yellows so bright they seem florescent. I hear it sometimes just depends on the levels of rainfall and other such things but I tend to think that God rather enjoys picking His own “color of the year” and stunning us all with every level and gradient of that color possible. I for one am thankful for the ever constant inspiration that nature brings and how the ultimate Creative shows His love to us in such a beautiful and tangible way.

Photos: 1. Out take from Furniture Makes the Room  2. My mind is on zombies after the last episode of The Walking Dead 3. This red Dogwood tree in front of my house is extra brilliant this year and I gladly welcome back this old friend of 16 years 4. All of my succulents and cacti re-potted indoors for the winter…..whew! I need to find gloves that cactus pricks don’t get through! 5. An out take from our book cover reveal video. These two lovelies working hard to make things beautiful, and the beams of light off to the right were what drew me to this photo. Light all around.


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