memorial day

Today I want to deviate from my normal post material and remember why we have this holiday weekend. What is a hero? I think today a hero can be mistaken for a movie star , a sports star ,a rock star , someone who gives all their time and money to charity, etc. While some of these people may do great things because of resources available to them, in my mind the true heroes are rather the men and women who shed their blood and gave their lives for our freedom!! I also find it interesting that a true hero is a quiet humble soul, you have to pry the info out of them as to how they saved their whole ship or regimen from disaster or saved whole villages of people freeing them from bondage and fear, how we today have all the freedoms that we have because of what they have done and are still doing!! You don’t see them walking around proclaiming what they have accomplished, and all of them would go back no matter what, without hesitation and do it again for FREEDOM, and for this country………for us. These men and women are true heroes and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for what they have done for me and for my country. Thank you to the men and women who are still fighting and giving their lives for the very thing we all take for granted. Say “thank you” today to anyone who has served us in this way, thank you for being my hero.

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