mellow yellow

I am so excited about this piece!! Last week I bought three new pieces, two to paint and then this one which is already done for me!! The paint and top are in excellent condition……all this piece needed was a little cleaning up and the signature lining of the drawers with paper!! I love it when I find pieces like this every once in a while!! It’s fun to mix it up! We styled it yesterday with things from around the gallery……. The lamp and the paintings are available at art and light and the little “squiggle” planter is done by lily pottery and is available locally at the studio, or online!

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  1. eclectic curio...

    i love the mellow yellow! it is awesome!

  2. lily pottery

    this piece is so yummy!

  3. Issy from Norway

    I absolutly love your blog. It is so inspirational!!! Where do you find the pieces you paint etc? Flee markets??

  4. knackstudio

    Hey there all the way from Norway!! I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for the kind words!! I find my pieces all over the place, goodwills, flea markets, side of the road, people getting rid of stuff, and so on!:) I have different people at the goodwills now that will call me and say that they have a few pieces for me to look at , and I’ll pop in and usually they are right, and I buy them! So in a nutshell, I gather from all different sources! Have a good one!!

  5. Audree

    Where do you find the wall paper you use to line the drawers?

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