meet “millman”

…..I was just itching to use these new knobs….and they fit perfectly on millman…… the orange with the light blue combo ….you’ll notice it is a repeat combo for me time and time again….maybe slightly different shades and tones….but always a winner in my eyes…….. this piece has such great lines and detail….exactly what I get excited about when looking for that perfect piece to throw a little love into…..xo

* millman is 550.00 {email me for shipping and delivery info!}

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  1. Karli @ RockyBella

    I love it when you show the process of your work. This is beautiful.

  2. Rachel Follett

    Millman is very handsome! Love those knobs. They fit perfectly!

  3. PS~Erin

    LOVE IT! Those knobs are perfect with it!! Millman is one of my faves… Of course, I might always say that abt your pieces. And I'm totally telling the truth!

  4. vintage simple

    Love the blue with the orange and white candy cane inspired knobs. You are a very, very talented lady, Barb.

  5. *plum*tree*studio*

    i love love love the color combo! beautiful! what a great way to start the week!

  6. oh, hello friend.

    simply fabulous.

    another amazing piece barb! thanks for sharing!

    (ps: i finally bought some paint + primer! totally thought about you as i primed yesterday! hehe)

  7. Cait*

    I love love love the blue are coraly pink! Gorgey!

  8. f2images

    Wow Barb. Absolutely fabulous. I don't ever get tired of that color combo. I was just commenting on Blue Moss…I would love to take a road trip with my hubby down to your area. We'd finally get to see all of your amazing pieces in person!! Ahh….at least we have pictures….

    Emi 🙂

  9. elizabeth@shoptwig

    Oh Millman is calling my name! Love this one. The knobs are wonderful. Ahhhh!

  10. Amanda Nicole

    Millman had me at his name. So handsome. And I'm loving light blue and orange together right now too 🙂

  11. Jenn

    Oh my goodness, I love Millman! Beautiful!

  12. The Elegant Thrifter

    Your color story is compelling. Fantastic! Stan

  13. HeddyShea

    you've topped yourself yet again!

  14. knack

    oh millman……he's such a goodie…..thank you all for your love of him:) I sure enjoyed transforming him!:) xo

  15. Munted kowhai

    i recognize those knobs.
    millman is super. that dusty teal blue never fails!

  16. pink olive

    LOVE the color combo…brill!

  17. sara's art house

    I am loving Millman! Beautiful colors!! 🙂

  18. our little love nest

    How stunning is millman!!! I have been gawking at those amazing knobs with that gorgeous worn blue and I LOVE them together. xoxo

  19. Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk

    Ooooh…am quite smitten with Millman. Such a handsome beau!

  20. henzy

    i love how you have a name for every peice. The the knobs are great.

  21. Jackie

    Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh each and every piece you do becomes an instant fav for me! I'm finding oodles of inspiration for my new studio space here too!

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