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  1. Sparrow's Nest

    maude is lovely! So original! How do you get the paper to stay put?

  2. Pretty Neat Designs

    I love the one grey drawer and how the wood looks like antique Swedish scrubbed pine furniture. Beautiful!

  3. *plum*tree*studio*

    i love maude's finish…so soft! always love the floral touch!

  4. our little love nest

    I know I shouldn't pick favourites but seriously maude is my favourite knackage yet. I may need to take on a part time job so I can have her and the chairs I want from Teresa. She is simply stunning. I WANT!!! xoxo

  5. Munted kowhai

    maude is slinky! i love the unexpected thinness of her other side. plus how cool are those scribblings?
    i've missed seeing your creations, they're so lovely!

  6. Macy Dawn

    Gorgeous! I love little Maude!

  7. Amanda Nicole

    I heart Maude. Especially her little grey drawer, so sweet.

  8. Christine Edwards

    Looks more like a Claude than a Maude to me. 🙂 Still lovely nonetheless. I'm sorta bummed you sanded off the signatures, but I guess it's on to make new history.

  9. Rachel Follett

    This is such a cute idea! Love Maude too!

  10. Kelly Anne

    Oh! Ohohohmygoodness I'm in love. I adore the knobs. ADORE them.

  11. knack

    woo hoo……..thank you so much…….

    sparrows nest….lots of modge podge and poly goes into the paper process:)

    dee…….you are allowed to pick favorites:)

    christine……how funny that you see a claude……and as far as the signatures…..if I was keeping it for myself….one thing…but maude is to sell and the appreciation for a bunch of signatures……not so high in these parts:)

    I appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to leave me such love on a daily basis! xo

  12. elizabeth@shoptwig

    Maude is lovely. Hmmm – would look very nice as twig's desk. Can I just take everything you make, please?

  13. PS~Erin

    Oh my… Maude is so creatively perfect! I love that single drawer. You've just got such talent!

  14. spilling beauty

    oh my but maude is divine!

  15. Kristin

    Oh, swoon! You've done (another) fabulous job!

  16. Mrs.French

    I want maude to come live at my house…love her so much it hurts…xo t

  17. S p a c e / L i f t

    Love this desk! And those knobs are fabulous!

  18. S p a c e / L i f t

    Love this desk! And those knobs are fabulous!

  19. S p a c e / L i f t

    Love this desk! And those knobs are fabulous!

  20. S p a c e / L i f t

    Love this desk! And those knobs are fabulous!

  21. S p a c e / L i f t

    Love this desk! And those knobs are fabulous!

  22. erin

    maude is INCREDIBLE. i love her. i want to be her friend. i want to sit and laugh and work with her. she's perfection. sigh. i've missed you, too! glad to be back and checking out the knack goodness. there's so much of it!

  23. Dallas Shaw

    just saw "maude ovr at ds today. lovely. also- can to tell me where I can buy your grey and black number pillows?
    Thanks i advance- need those asap!

  24. henzy

    you have such lovely pieces, an inspiring blog indeed. If you don' mind my asking, where do you find he lovely paper that you use for lining in so many of your peices? Once again.. great blog.

  25. jackie

    Maude is gorgeous! She has beautiful lines and has been set off so well by your TLC! I just get a kick out of all of your furniture names!

  26. taramichele

    How did you stick down the wallpaper like that???
    Looks amazing.

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