meet “buttercup”

Well, here is the latest “before and after” …….. this sweet gem has also taken a piece of my heart!

Miss buttercup totally came together at the last minute …..I was headed one way with her and then fate intervened! My friend “T” has a theme going for the February First Friday’s and really wanted to use some special paper from one of our favorite girls …. the fabulous jessica gonacha ….. so I picked a favorite pattern {incredibly hard to do because there are so many gorgeous ones} and off we went!

Thank you Teresa for inspiring this piece with your ever creative and busy mind, and thank you Jessica for being the amazing artist that creates such luscious patterns! You guys are the best!! xoxo

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  1. Laura

    I love Buttercup! I’m such a big fan of your work. Are you going to sell online or just in your store?

  2. Heidi Jo

    Beautiful, as always. And I love the print!

  3. knack

    Thank you everyone!!


    Thank you very much, I appreciate you …… I am hoping to sell online within the year , but not sure exactly when:) If there is anything you are interested in let me know though because I do sell and ship to other locations.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  4. The Other Tiffany

    Gasp! I’m in love!! You never fail to inspire me!

  5. knack

    thank you so much tiffany! you are too great to me! 🙂

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