meet “barney”

…….haven’t done a red piece in……I don’t know how long….but I am thinking I need to do another one….very soon! I really love this red {a custom color that I experimented with!} ……it has such richness and brightness without being over the top…….

I like it just fine my friends…. oh, and I’m loving how the new “shipped” pillows look with it……..mmmmmmm…yes good things are happening at knack………xo

email me for shipping and delivery info:
* Barney chest of drawers- 550.00
* pillows 75.00-85.00 ea.

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  1. Sherri

    Ooh…I just love that red! I am redoing a small dresser/table and I may have to rethink the color now!
    Thank you for sharing. Such lovely pieces. I wish I lived closer!

  2. gerber

    I predict that Barney is going to be sold before the week is out. That curved top drawer is just smashing!

  3. blue moss

    You know I'm not a red girl….but this color is sooo good. Love it 🙂

  4. vintage simple

    Beautiful, as always. And I love your photographs, too – you have a way with composition that is just lovely.

  5. Collins

    I think I might be in love with Barney. I am about to paint my bedside table red and I am so excited! Were those the original drawer pulls? Any suggestions on where to find good drawer pulls?

  6. our little love nest

    Oh that red is stunning. I love barney too. You come up with the cutest names. xo

  7. Amanda Nicole

    I am in love with those pillows. And I agree: sometimes life needs a splash of red.

  8. Christine Edwards

    Barney is stunning…that's a fabulous color. And the sail pillows go so well.

  9. Julia Bastine

    The pillows are fabulous! I need one to go with my whales 🙂

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