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  1. Munted kowhai

    how cute would that be to give to a mother so that all the charms are silhouettes of her family?!!

  2. knackstudio

    it would be totally rad for a mom …….. and she does do custom silouhettes (sp? ) so it can be a reality!!:)

  3. Julia

    I agree, these are all so sweet!

  4. Heidi Jo

    How lovely! Hopefully she’ll still be doing these when I have a child someday because I definitely want one!

  5. whitney

    Thank you, thank you for the sweet post featuring my necklaces!

  6. knackstudio

    you are welcome whitney!! Thank YOU so much for such deliciousness;)



  7. jess gonacha

    oh, FUN! i’m totally digging this.

  8. Kat

    ok, I’m definitely getting one of these with my silhouette. thanks for sharing 🙂

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