lovely yellow…..

As I was going through the latest before and afters on D*s {as I often do} I came across the most DELIGHTFUL frame turned chalkboard I think I have ever laid eyes on…. as I followed the link trail I came upon an equally delightful blog as well , and quickly made it a favorite!

Hope this brightens your Wednesday! xo

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  1. Courtney

    I love it. What a vibrant shade of yellow. Fun!

  2. Biba

    So cool. I’d normally go for black over yellow at home, but no way – this looks so great! You may even have got me thinking…

  3. Julia

    HOLY COW, she was on D*Spounge? I remember seeing this on Rachel’s blog and loving the yellow! How fun!

  4. Rachel

    Thank you, dear! I’m so glad to have found your blog!

  5. knack

    you are welcome miss Rachel …. and ditto on the blog love! xoxo

  6. skB

    my friend Kerry did several of these last summer–they are so cool!

  7. tanya

    I adore this! That yellow really gives it that pop it needs 🙂

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