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  1. the seventy tree

    I really really like these!

  2. Conversation Pieces

    Very sweet 🙂

  3. our little love nest

    She is my hero in the art world and the reason I decided to try art out later in life. Love those pieces!xo

  4. Hello Lindello

    These are so cute!! Thanks so sharing, I just love them.

  5. Amanda Nicole

    These are so inspiring! Makes me want to go out and pick up some shadow boxes for a springtime project 🙂

  6. cindy : quaint

    i really love the second one. lisa’s work is wonderful.

  7. Rachel Follett

    I;m swooning over that middle one. So pretty!

  8. TheDecoDetective

    I love these – they remind me of Jennifer Collier’s work, but these are even nicer, I think!

  9. knack

    I’m so glad you all enjoy her work as well, and are inspired to go out and try it yourself….that is so awesome!

    Maybe someday soon…..like in the next year….:)…I’ll be in San Fran to see her work in person…..woo hoo

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