last one……

…here is the last pub table …… this one is a little different from the other two because it is more of a tressle, but still has the pull out leaves from underneath……..

it looked fine before as a brown table, but even better as a gray table…..and to quote my son…..”mom…why would anyone want a BROWN piece of furniture?”……I’m raising him right friends…….:) xo

** table price 350.00 {SOLD…. on 6-5-09!!}

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  1. Anonymous

    I love this girl! She is full of killer creativity that blows me away every day. I'm just lucky to call her my wife! You go girl!


  2. knack

    awwww…..hey baby…… get over here right now so I can hug your neck!…….xoxo to you jb

  3. our little love nest

    Hehehe…you guys are so stinking cute!! That looks so gorgeous and oh my….the chairs look stunningly perfect with it. You really are amazing!! xoxo

  4. knack

    Ditto back to you miss Dee! xoxo

  5. carpenter ant

    the table looks so much better grey! and that story about your son….i love it!! bring out the color!

  6. Amanda Nicole

    I love how the embossed patterns just jump out after your refinishing. Lovely.

  7. PS~Erin

    I thought I commented on these, but I guess I just did in my head. I've been thinking abt them all weekend and thinking that I either need to recreate these with my dining chairs or get myself there asap! Hope your weekend went fabulously!

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