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  1. Heidi Jo

    SO very fun! Those would look great anywhere! And all those pretty colors…. wow. Sometimes it shocks me how something so simple can look so gorgeous. I am sure I learned how to make these in elementary school. : )

  2. oh, hello friend.

    those would look so nice on a porch! love them!

  3. Rachel Follett

    Me to! These are so fun! BTW: I posted your recent dresser before and after on my dwellings and decor blog.

  4. vintage simple

    These are great — source, please? And we are both in Greenville, so I'll have to stop by your studio at some point and say hello — what a great eye for design you have..! Very inspiring. Loved the chairs/table combination from the earlier post too. -maria

  5. lily pottery

    eeee! these make me so happy!!!!

  6. Pattie

    Those are gorgeous! And, the colors are breathtaking.
    I actually used the Martha Stewart tutorial and made some for my sisters birthday party šŸ™‚ Than later hung them in my room lol

  7. Katie Runnels

    They would be darling in your shop! Be warned…if you put them outside- they will wilt quickly if they are indeed made from crepe-paper! I learned this the hard way! xo

  8. Amanda Nicole

    I wish I knew how to make these! I love the element of celebration "just because" they add to the room.

  9. Melissa A.

    I know these are so beautiful and dreamy aren't they. I am always adding them to my favorites on etsy, so I can remind myself that I want to get some.

  10. Elizabeth

    These are beautiful, but so easy to make!!! Follow the Martha Stewart directions and yours will be just as fabulous.

  11. creativitity channel

    these are so easy and funny to do with Martha Stewart tutorials!!

  12. Bonbon Oiseau

    uhoh–now bonbon needs these too…these are so third person-tastic!

  13. Katherine

    i HAVE those! i recently moved them into the laundry room (ANYTHING to make that task more cheery!), but before that they were in the family room. people would always ask if i had put them up for a birthday party and were slightly puzzled when i would say, "no, actually, i just like bright pink pom poms!" i used the martha kits (hint: they are half price at walmart) but it's easy to make them without. šŸ™‚

  14. Bri

    OOh, I've been meaning to make a ton of those lately! I'll let you know how they turn out. šŸ™‚

  15. karlene

    bloom needs them too!!! I have been dreaming about them as well…………

  16. Julia

    Oh, I think this little Otter needs some pink and salmon ones too šŸ™‚

  17. please sir

    I think we all need a little of these!

  18. ShockTheBourgeois

    Don't buy! Make yourself!

    This is a super fun project with kids. When my boyfriend's younger sisters were younger, I sent them a "kit" via mail for Spring- and they loved it.

  19. Teresa Roche

    oh please get them so I can see them and touch them in person.
    art & light

  20. farmhouse wares

    They look like flowers clouds. Dreamy.

  21. Joyce

    I order some pomloves for my niece's graduation party a couple of weeks ago. They were a hit by everyone. They are easy to fluff and added a splash of color. xoxo

  22. pink olive

    wow, these are so vibrant and happy! hmm.. i see a purchase coming on as well šŸ™‚

  23. knack

    thank you all so much for you enthusiasm, tips and links for how to's! I'll let you know if I try to make them myself…….xoxo

  24. Prairie Girl Studio

    well … i definitely like the orange ones … errr, maybe the soft pink … no, the bright pink … the lime green for sure … eek ~ what a dilemma! too much fun!
    i love the idea of hanging them outdoors ~ wouldn't that be so brilliant for a festive celebration!
    thanks as always ~

  25. beth

    we made them for a friends wedding and they were so fabulous. you can't mess them up. just follow the instructions on martha stewart living. good luck!

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