knack angel

Made these out of scraps of tin and wood ……

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend , and Christmas week!! All of my family starts arriving on Monday so I will be taking a “very merry blogging break” until later on next week! Looking forward to many good times with family and friends!!

Merry Christmas my dears!! xoxo

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  1. Katie Runnels

    BARB! I Love your angel!! HAve a Very Merry Christmas! I hope we can make a date in the new year! love to you and yours, kt

  2. knackstudio

    Miss katie … you have a very merry Christmas as well and I will totally look forward to our date in the new year!! I’m having some serious kt withdrawal!!

    Can’t wait to see the new digs!!:) xoxo

  3. skB

    Wow! That is going to look so amazing in my bedroom on my dresser.


  4. Munted kowhai

    Merry Christmas Barb and have a family filled holiday!

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