It’s First Friday tonight……….

I’m so, so , so excited about this weekend! I have so many new products and furniture transformations to share that I know you will love……..

…….come on down and do some shopping at knack tonight from 6-9pm and then on Saturday from 10 am -3 pm…….see you there, or I’m sending my man chewbacca after you…….

have an awesome weekend friends…..xo

** I shot this photo during the Star Wars parade at hollywood studios….:)

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  1. erin

    hilarious, and not at all what i expected to see this morning! wish i could be there!

  2. knack

    EXACTLY my intent friend! 🙂 Glad it made you laugh! happy weekend! xo

  3. Teresa Roche

    oh so funny and that makes me so happy! The party is on…
    a & l

  4. *plum*tree*studio*

    i so want to come and see all the new things you have!! i hope you have a lot of visitors…

  5. Julia

    So wish I could be there 🙂 I was wondering where you found a photo of me this morning *peeks out her window anxiously*

    Have FUN!

  6. stylebybecca864

    I am sorry I will be out of town. Have a fabulous weekend and sell lots…Becca

  7. our little love nest

    heehee…giggling on this rainy day is good for the soul. (especially because I am so sad we can't make it out tonight) 🙁
    I hope it goes super amazing for you tonight!!

  8. Conversation Pieces

    Wish I could be there too! Have fun 🙂

  9. knack

    I so wish that all of you could come….some day….and I want to make it to all of your places as well! xo

    happy weekend to you:)

  10. simplesong

    so funny : ).
    looking forward to seeing your new goodies. have a great weekend!

  11. Lilith

    chewbacca freaks me out… a lot.

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