Well, there certainly has been an evolution process in the design of this chair! I loved it when my client brought it to the studio looking like this:

and I used it in several shoots until it was time to tear off the upholstery and freshen up the paint job…..and then it looked like this:

tearing off the fabric and foam proved to be more monumental than I had previously thought…..but it was done, and I moved onto the painting part. {woot!} I painted the frame in a medium gray and used a small brush to add some bronze details to the trim. Then, It was time for little miss to head off to the upholstery shop, and she came back to me looking like this:

For goodness sakes she is even more of a beauty now! I want to say thank you to my client “A” for trusting me with her treasure…and for bringing this beautiful chair back to the studio so I could photograph the end result!

Meet Aletta……and believe me…she is charmed to meet you as well.



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  1. Barb Blair

    Thank you Karen! The fabric is a linen….and it has a tiny gold thread woven into it for just a hint of shimmer! It is beautiful! I am not sure where my client purchased it at…….and I love the nail heads on this piece. They just make it very elegant.


  2. Daria

    So cool! excellent! Love your work so much!
    Dream that someday I’ll be able to do something like this!

  3. Now those nail heads are some serious eye candy!
    What?!! Tiny gold threads– I just fainted!!! 🙂

  4. oh sweet, very very nice transformation! the nail-heads really compliment your bronze burnishing. i like lots!! 😀

  5. Gorgeous transformation! I love the bronze embellishments, it’s so perfectly rustic and refined at the same time. Looks like a fun project to work on. 🙂

  6. Ollie

    Squee! Loving it 🙂

    I just finished a chair myself (with very similar fabric actually). Decided to wing it and go about reupolstery with no prior knowledge or youtube videos watched. Luckily the nails were easily removeable so my screw ups weren’t permanent !!

  7. Kelly

    This is my first time to comment, though a long time reader. I have honestly been looking for the perfect gray to paint an old Thomasville buffet for more than 3 months. The color of your chair is beautimous and all I have been searching for. My indecisiveness has become a joke with my family and I am sure they would like to see this project finished. The buffet sits in a main hallway and can’t be missed. Here comes he big question, what color of paint did you use ? Any help would be appreciated greatly.

    • Barb Blair

      Hey Kelly! I paint with so many different grays….that sometimes I forget which pieces are painted with what gray! I do believe though, that this color is by Martha Stewart and is called “pasture gate”. I had it mixed in Ben Moore’s Aura paint but it is an old Martha color :}
      Good Luck with your piece! Enjoy!

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