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  1. kalanicut

    Wow! Fantastic makeover. Totally ho hum about before but the after Va Va Voom! Nice work!

  2. pamwares

    wow – yet again. She is a beauty and the knobs are nice unique touch. Always fun to see your creations/transformations! Happy Monday!

  3. christina @ Rum*mage

    Gorgeous. You never cease to amaze me. You have been my inspiration and even though im a terrible blogger and cant manage to ever write about them I have managed to finish some nice pieces and even have a place to sell them now! yipee.

    I just wanted to ask you a question regarding wood worm (not sure of you call it that in the US). How do you deal with this? I treat it with treatment but unsure about whether to fill or leave? Any suggestions.

    christina x

  4. Lesley

    Love love love her. The knobs are to die for as well!! I have been trying to find new sources for knobs. Not a lot of luck on that lately. Awesome job.

  5. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    She's gorgeous! I need to remember to use more black paint!

  6. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    She's gorgeous! I need to remember to use more black paint!

  7. Lindsey @ arkadian belle woods

    umm Barb hope you've got a tissue -I'm drooling over the knobs lol! Brillant work always!

    Nothing like kicking off a Monday like a gorgeous furniture re-vamp

  8. cranny + b

    oooooh, she is a sight for sore eyes this morning;-)

    yep, it was a rough night on the west coast, but it's a new day, wink wink…….

    love ya;-)

  9. Retro Restyling

    O.O WOW!!! She's B.E.A-utiful!

  10. deborah

    You, madame, are reee-diculous! Wow.

  11. Brooke

    A gem indeed. So glad to meet her. She kinda needs to live in my home. xo

  12. SuzyMcQ

    I love your blog and look forward to seeing what you do with each and every piece. It would be so helpful if you could fill us in on the paint you used on a piece, source of the knobs, painting techniques…..please?

  13. knack

    kalanicut, thank you my friend:)

    pamwares, thank you! these knobs came to me at the last minute and were bought with the intention of using them on another piece, but once I saw them on this piece…it was all over!

    Christina, thank you for those sweet words, and how awesome that you are painting AND selling now! you go! :]

    Lesley,thanks so much!

    Sharon, thank you! i love me some good black paint, and this photographed really dark….but it is actually a slate blue.

    Lindsey….you are too funny! thanks , girl! We all need a little Monday "pick me up" goodness right?

    Pudel designs, Hey there! So glad to hear from you! Thank you!

    cranny + b, thank you sissy! I am so sorry it was a rough night…..I hope baby j and his little tummy get all settled soon:} love you!

    Retro Restyling, thank you so much susan! 🙂 Glad things are looking up over your way too! I am getting ready to sprinkle some more pixie dust! {wink!}

    deborah, aww…..sheesh! I'm blushing! 🙂

    Brooke, I could think of nothing better for a piece of furniture than to find a home with you! sheesh, I wish I could come live with you, and soak in your goodness! thank you soul sista!

    SuzyMcQ, Thank you so much for reading! I am currently writing my first book, that will be published in the Spring of 2013! Yay! It will be sure to answer a lot of the questions you are asking, and you will be able to refer to it whenever you feel the need. With that being said, I hope that when the book comes out…… it will challenge others to think outside the "knack box", and take my processes and sources to create their own unique pieces and finishes.

    Barb Blair

  14. Raven

    You've got a great eye for pieces! When I saw the before shot it looked boring, nothing special. But man, when you were done with it, it looks amazing! The color really works well and the knobs are of course a great touch.

    You've piqued my interest now too on the piece the knobs were originally for :).

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