Well my friends, today is going to be a conglomeration of pieces that I worked on last week. It turned into crazy week because my booth got absolutely ransacked, and I had to get it looking spiffy for the big antique show that was in town over the weekend. I say all this to preface my “not so pretty shots” in this post. There are pieces everywhere in the studio, and my normal photo wall is occupied with a large piece of pink goodness right now……so without any more rambling here goes:
This little stool and side table {no before shot} needed some punch….. thus the bright colors and the crazy fun with the gold leaf accents.
….and then there is this sweet little red chest of drawers that my dad brought me back from upstate  NY. She was so sad, and her drawers were an absolute mess, but that is what makes all of this so fun. Lots of sanding, adjusting, and waxing later she is a beauty…..and her name is “Rovette”.
 ….and there ya have it!

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  1. Lindsey @ arkadian belle woods

    Love…..amazing colors! The stool is sooo cute! Have a great week Barb!

  2. Kim Franklin

    My goodness you got a lot of work done, I know what you mean about having to produce so much in so little time, much of luck, I agree with Lindsey, beautiful colors you always know what colors go best with each piece of furniture.

  3. knack

    Lindsey, thank you so much. 🙂

    Kim, it was a packed week, and I wish I could have painted more…but so be it! 🙂 Thank you so much for your sweet compliment about the colors!


  4. Shaunna

    Love them all!!! Such fun color choices…that's why I love you. So bold. Hope you're well!

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