I’m baaaaack!!

Hey guys!! Missed you all so much!!:) So glad to be back in computer land!! As promised I have lots of goods for you!! The cream piece is finished, and I should have a styled shot up Friday afternoon!!:) Life has been a little busy!!

Enough of that, I’m posting this on Wed night, because I’m getting up very early and taking the kids to the beach tomorrow morning!!:) I want to introduce you all to a sweet , sweet girl named solveig! This girl is a constant source of” posotiveness”!! I just totally made that word up!! Solveig is part of a group of my friends in bergen, and oslo!! This chick is getting her masters in finance!! Smarty pants!!:) Not only is she smart, but she has great design skills!! Anyway, her and a good friend and her little sister do a blog together and I just love their taste! The whole blog is in norwegian, so solveig will graciously translate for me sometimes!! 🙂 Thank you solveig for being such a sweet, kind friend and for your inspiration as well!! This picture is one from de flittige that I thought was so great, and it comes from a danish magazine, so enjoy!!

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  1. Storeflittig

    Oh I’m blusshing:) You are the very very best! Thank you so much!

    Good to have you back, you are still my #1 inspiration you know, so I need you by the computer, hihi.

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