I totally get this :: Jimmie Martin

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When it comes to furniture design, I am super picky about looking to others work and drawing attention to their designs. I want to call attention to, and put my stamp of approval on originality and uniqueness…someone who is pushing the envelope of design and doing something that is truly their own.

I have admired Jimmie Martin’s furniture for quite some time and am all about it…..all over it…..totally diggin’ it.

Hallelujah for this kind of work and creative independence.


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  1. Dionne Woods @theturquoiseiris

    A guy tried this idea on Design Star a few seasons ago. I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since! I am way to scared of other opinions to try this bold look. Maybe when I grow up;-)

    High five to this designer! I totally get it, too!

    The Turquoise Iris

    • Barb Blair

      Dionne, You know what I’m going to say….right?! Never ever worry about others opinions….do your thing….make it happen…and create with passion! Do it!

  2. Barb: I totally get this too. I even featured one of his pieces on my facebook page a while back and I got zero likes. Probably got blank stares. I love that Dionne is here, too, commenting. She’s an original, too. I recently found a vintage piece that I am going to do in Jimmie Martin style. I figure it won’t sell, but I will love it. Thanks for reminding me that originality counts! Leslie

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