i did something sneaky today over at design sponge…

when grace first asked me to consider doing a sneak peek for D*s I totally chickened out and freaked out and all that goes along with that…… but when she asked again I figured I needed to get over myself and share! The home is so personal, it’s like putting your heart out there for every one to see……. I hope you all enjoy seeing mine and learning more about me through what I find important enough to surround myself with everyday.

Thank you so much grace… you have been a source of encouragement and support that I can never thank you enough for! xo

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  1. Claire

    I loooooved the tour. Seriously. I really enjoy your home and the way you’ve put such great colors together. Love it. Especially the orange cabinet – I’m glad you kept it. It looks perfect in that space!

  2. carissa... brown eyed fox

    squealing with delight!

    i loved getting to peek inside your BeAuTiFuL home! SO fun!

    GUESS what! i have that “b” (an old light up)… i feel so cool now! 🙂

    SO great… so happy for you!

  3. Biba

    Well done! Such an honour to be asked to be on design*sponge, but your house is more than worthy! The ways you’ve mixed styles and colour is awesome, fab home, love it 🙂

  4. Kacy Mehlem

    I LOVE how you have decorated your home Barb! It is so wonderful to see so much creativity come together. I especially enjoyed seeing the final product of the pictures I took of your kids on the wall above the sofa. It is so rewarding to see how things all come together! What a great motivator to change some things around here!


  5. Katie Runnels

    Wow! I’m so glad you did it! I love all the surprises- like the chair Michelle decorated and your blue garage sale chair- incredible!! You are a shining star! xoxo

  6. Julia

    It IS like putting your heart out there. The home is a super personal space, but, when it’s as charming as yours, it becomes an inspiration and a beautiful artwork that we can feel connected with! THANK YOU!

  7. The Other Tiffany

    As much as Grace has been an inspiration to you, you have also been to so many of us too Barb! You’re home is as lovely and original as you are. Congrats!

  8. SimplyGrove

    Looks so great!!! I very much enjoyed your sneak peek!!!!

  9. mayaluna

    What a gorgeous home! I always love seeing what you transform… seeing your private space was a sweet gift. I love how you combine modern, urban,vintage, and indie! So happy you said: “YES”! Go Barb!

  10. Heidi Jo

    You have such a fabulous house, Barb! Hubby and I looked at it together and he loves it as well. So fun to see where you live your life! : )

  11. knack

    what can I say friends…. your comments made me smile and brought happy tears to my eyes! I appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to read my blog and leave such sweet feedback for me….. you all are so encouraging !! xoxo

    PS. totally awesome carissa!! we’re the “B” club 🙂

  12. Michelle

    I was so proud of you to see your sneak peak today! What a nice surprise! It’s lovely. Hooray for you!!!!

  13. pink olive

    your home is absolutely a delight~ just as i had imagined it would be 🙂
    can’t wait to see it in person one day 🙂 until then, i’ll keep dreaming about my dream home (designed by you of course 😉

  14. carolbarclay.etsy.com

    Your home has such personality and style. Thank you for giving us a peek.Can you give any guidance on how to tackle re-finishing kitchen cabinets? Maybe even a tutorial??? I have the identical cabinets (from 1969 according to the previous owner) and I’d love to update them, but have no clue how to even start.
    Thank you for a great tour!

  15. paperlust

    I’m a d*s junkie, and I really enjoyed looking through the photos of your home, so beautiful and inspirational!

  16. knack

    carol… I will work on getting a tutorial together! I may be doing it here or maybe on D*s but either way I’ll try to get it up:)

    Can you email me so that I have you email address?


    Thanks! xo

  17. [J]

    I love your house! You should be proud!

  18. Claire

    Barb – I dunno if you were able to put two and two together, I know you get 5,000,000 comments, but I’m the chick who emailed you (clairebarrett83@gmail.com) a month or so ago asking for some tips (you probably get that a lot too. lol). Anyway – I just wanted to make the connection there. My husband really appreciated the comments on his yummy edible creation (aka: dinner).


  19. mint

    i was so excited to see your home over on design sponge barb! it is just beautiful, of course! i know what you mean about “putting yourself out there”… may be an endless struggle for us bloggers : )

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