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  1. Heather S Thompson

    Thank you Barb for visiting my site and for the tremendous inspiration which is your work. Thank you for noticing that I mentioned you since I did not have the time to contact you personally.
    Hugs to you!

  2. HeddyShea

    Thanks for giving me a hug! Was a great surprise this morning!


  3. knack

    You are both VERY welcome!
    I appreciate the support and encouragement more than you will ever know! xoxo

  4. dana

    Today a fantastic surprise.
    Thanks for the mention …
    love Dana

  5. knack

    you are welcome Dana! Thank YOU!! 🙂

    First of all, I wish I could come to Italy to see your beautiful gardens and then I wish you could come to my house and create a beautiful garden for me…my green thumb seems to be away for a while! xo

  6. Amy Olson Jewelry

    hi Barb,
    I’m so happy to have featured you on my blog as you inspire me daily! and thank you for mentioning me right here 🙂
    all the best,

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