hugs, hugs and more hugs…….

thank you so very much to all of you who have mentioned and spread the word about knack this week………I appreciate you so much…….. Please check out these lovely blogs here, here and here….. where knack has been the blog of the week…… oh, and maude will make her debut on D*s before and afters today……..I’m sure there will be love….and hate {boo!}……there always is….so leave some love for me friends! xoxo

{ if I have left anyone out please let me know!}

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  1. vintage simple

    I will stop by d*s later on to show nothing but love! πŸ™‚

  2. HeddyShea

    "haters" are jealous friend! And obviously lack style and taste! You know your talented, and so do we- so keep on creating wonderful pieces for us all to enjoy!

  3. Mrs.French

    do you ever tire of all the love you receive…hope not…eat it up with a spoon my dear! so well deserved! xo t

  4. our little love nest

    YAY for all the love and YAY for my favourite in all her D*s glory! To quote a very beautiful, talented friend, "you are way too cool for school', girl!!! xoxo

  5. Haven and Home

    Congrats, sounds like a wonderful week!

  6. Hello Lindello

    congrats on the all the mentions! well deserved. you are amazingly talented!

  7. knack

    are you all for real…..I feel like I need to pinch myself sometimes because you are just too sweet to me! Love you guys…….and T ….no, I never get tired of it and am always overwhelmed and amazed at the love! xo

  8. Carolynn

    You are the greatest you deserve it!!!! :o)

  9. Alyssa Zygmunt

    how could anyone hate maude?

  10. oh, hello friend.

    HURRAY, congrats on d*s! πŸ™‚
    maude was just lovely, fit right in!


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