holly’s before and after piece

I am so excited to show you all a hutch that holly just finished!! The bright green exterior is so happy and the gray interior makes me extra happy!!:) It is so fantastic that another piece of unwanted furniture has been transformed in such a beautiful way and filled with favorite things! Re purpose folks!! Thanks Holly for the beautiful pictures!!

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  1. createacraft

    it looks so lively now.. I love green/grey combination..
    enjoy the re-newed look..

    I love to reuse and repurpose things in the house.. too
    I even tried once.. uzsing a tall dresser as a shoes cupboard in the hall..
    but it was before the time of blogs..


  2. l e a h

    LOVE the green! This is a fabulous piece.

  3. Anonymous

    What color is that green?

  4. Katie Runnels

    oh my word! that’s incredible!! my dream come true!!

  5. knackstudio

    I believe the color is rolling hills green, but you can contact holly the artist and ask her at

  6. Heidi Jo

    Fabulous! I also have a 50s hutch from my grandma that is going to be painted to go in our kitchen. I can’t wait to do it!!

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