hello dollies……

Happy Monday friends! I hope your morning and week are off to a great start!

I just think these little wooden dolls by moo shoo pork are so cute….I would like to have a whole collection of them lined up somewhere in my house…and with names like sherbet girls, little dumplings, and little melon girls….you can’t go wrong….

*** I had a wonderful weekend at the studio …. some great sales………thank you all so much for the well wishes and the love! I appreciate you so much! xoxo

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  1. Room design studio

    love them!! so colorful.. so full of life!

  2. Laura Trevey

    these are soooo cute!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Conversation Pieces

    So cute… and you could use them as skittles too (would that be wrong?)

  4. our little love nest

    OOooooh my gosh how ridiculously cute are they?!! You have the most fun style! That would be adorable to have a collection of in your home! xoxo

  5. Amanda Nicole

    Aww-hawww, so cute!

  6. JL

    don't these remind you of Fisher Price little people???…my ALL time fav toy!
    glad to hear your weekend went well!!

  7. knack

    JL….totally remind me of those….and I am with you on the fav thing!

    …..glad you enjoyed the fun little girls today…..xo

  8. farmhouse wares

    They remind me of the little people that existed when I was a kid–not the big plastic people they have today. Adorable

  9. Hello Lindello

    Those are darling! I love the idea of having a bunch lined up on a window sill or shelf. cute!

  10. the seventy tree

    These are so sweet. I'd like a shelf with just a really long line of these little people on!

  11. Katie Runnels

    good find, Barb! I love their simple styles…i'd need a small army of them too! xoo

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