Half Marathon!!

Well guys I ran a half marathon yesterday!! I was sorely under trained, and it took a very long time, but I FINISHED!! WOO HOO!! It was so good for me to push myself and to see just how strong the mind can be when you dig deep!! I feel like this will help me get back to my normal routine of running and health!!:)The picture I have posted with this is from about four years ago , right after I finished my first 26 miler!! Hopefully soon this will motivate me to get back into my groove!! I don’t ever want to be this out of shape again!!

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  1. lily pottery

    you go barbie girl! I’m so proud of you!!!

  2. carissa... brown eyed fox

    wow wee! way to go! 🙂

    that is truly awesome… truly motivating!

  3. knackstudio

    Thanks guys!!:) Now if I can just keep it up!!

  4. reiter8

    Wow – Congrats! You’re an inspiration!!

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