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new york city – friend or foe?
as the saying goes, you can either sink or swim in new york. i chose to swim and was fortunate to come across so many interesting places and people over the years. when i first met barb blair from knack studios, i had just opened my east village store in 2007 and was so encouraged to hear her story. a year and half later, she and her husband pleasantly surprised me at my east village store and was pleased to reconnect with her again. i was thrilled to hear that barb had launched her own studio last year created a blog with such a great following showcasing her work and her inspirations. she is extremely talented!! so you can imagine my excitement when she asked me to be a guest blogger in the new year. i was extremely flattered and jumped for the opportunity! (thanks miss barb!)

my story is quite simple actually ~ i have always dreamed about opening my own boutique ever since I was little. i was always fascinated with everything from fashion to stationery and truly enjoyed finding and giving unique gifts . so after 10 years working in the retail industry as buyer for barney’s, bloomies and saks, i finally made my dream into reality and opened my first boutique called Pink Olive in east village section of manhattan in may 2007. my second boutique soon followed in march 2008 in park slope section of brooklyn. i have been so inspired by so many amazing women who have walked into Pink Olive to tell me their story that i am encouraged to write a book sometime this year called “how to open a store in 30 days: making your dream into reality.” here’s to having hope in the new year and for dreams coming true.

until then, enjoy this post about some of my favorite food spots in NYC (yes, I’m a foodie too 🙂 and few of my favorite local designers!

supper restaurant
supper continues to be one of my favorite restaurants in east village. the atmosphere is so charming with exposed brick wall, low lighting and florentine wood ceiling~ it’s the perfect place to come with friends or on a date (this was my 2nd date spot with my boyfriend michael and it was truly special :). but most importantly, the food and wine selection at supper will seriously take you away to italy without breaking the bank. from fresh roasted beet salad to pappadelle wild mushrooms to risotto amarone, your mouth will be watering just looking at the menu. hungry anyone? enjoy. supper is located 156 east 2nd street between avenue a and b in east village.

dok suni
are you in the mood for some good, traditional korean food without going to K- town? head over to one of my “other” favorite restaurant in east village called dok suni. having dined at dok suni for almost 10 years, i go there every time I get home-sick for some good korean food. even my mom gave it a thumbs up and she’s a tough critic! dok suni offers a combination of good, traditional korean food and westernized dishes that makes any newbie an instant follower. from kalbi (ribs) to kimchi chigae (kimchi stew) to bulgogi (marinated beef) there’s something for everyone! don’t forget about all those small side dishes that come with every meal! dok suni is located 119 1st avenue between 7th st and st. marks place.

i must admit that i was never a huge falafel fan. i would have it once in awhile but it wasn’t something that i craved, well until now. my boyfriend michael and I LOVE to watch the food network and one day we were drawn to the segment on bobby flay’s throw down show with chef einat admon from taim. this bright and cheerful west village falafel shop was even chosen as new york’s best falafel by new york magazine. as einat states on the show “once you have my falafel, you’ll never eat another falafel again.” not only are her falafels naturally crisp, nutty with a nice mix of spices but it also comes in three different flavors: roasted pepper, another infused with harissa for the spicy food lover; and the third tinged with cilantro, parsley, and mint. savor each bite ladies (and gents) and stuff them in a whole-wheat pita with tahini-dappled hummus, tabbouleh, Israeli salad and a healthy dose of their hot sauce. you will be in falafel heaven! taim is located on 222 waverly place, near perry street in west village.

Stay tuned for part two this afternoon……grace fills us in on some local designers!

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  1. lily pottery

    many thanks for sharing!!! i can’t wait for part 2!!!

  2. Kelley

    so fun! will DEFINITELY try some of these spots when i’m up there in may.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Jackie

    This is killing me – living in a small town with no good eateries! But we have a trip to N.Y. planned this summer. I’ll have to take note of these places. Yea for part 2 as well!

  4. sara's art house

    I met Grace! She wouldn’t remember me- but I LOVE Pink Olive. Such an adorable shop!!!! Keep up the good work, Grace!

  5. Trish

    yum!! my mouth is watering!!! i’m going to taim, supper and the korean place, all three, asap!!!

  6. Pure Green

    I have always wanted to go to N.Y. This just fuels the fire.

  7. grace

    thanks for your wonderful comments ladies! you must come and visit NYC soon! there are so many place to try out. 🙂

    i actually went to another vegetarian spot this weekend called dirt candy on 9th street and it’s a MUST. i LOVED every single dish there and i’m not a vegetarian 🙂 barb, this review will be on part 3! lol..

  8. knackstudio

    I’m so glad you all enjoyed this post! I couldn’t be happier!! Grace is an important part of knack history!!


    bring on part three girl!! xoxo

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