{guest blogger grace bonney} goin’ south: artists below the mason dixon

[image from our world travel]

hi everyone! i’m so happy to be posting over at barb’s site this week- it’s always fun to step away from my site for a bit and talk about something different.

although most southerners wouldn’t consider my home town of virginia beach “the south“, i’ve always found myself strongly identifying with the traditions and culture of the deep south. even though we’re technically south of the mason dixon, this week i’ll be focusing on some of my favorite artists who are well below the line and whose work is steeped in the imagery and stories of my favorite part of the country. [there are so many incredible artists to post that i’ll be narrowing my focus to scad alumni- in hopes that i can come back again in the future and cover more artists outside of georgia]

so thank you to barb for having me and let’s get ready to head south…

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