got a little sum sumpin……

when I went to visit some family in Virginia this weekend……. ladies and gents….I’m not gonna lie….. a big draw for me is the JCREW clearance store …. NOT the outlet …but the CLEARANCE store…..{attached to the warehouse}.

These lovely photos are what I came home with… and I don’t want to gloat too bad and make you all turn into little green monsters … I’ll just give you a little clue about how good the deals were! The cream silk garland cami in the brand new spring catalog is 88 dollars and I paid 20………..seriously…… and the rest only gets better! xo

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  1. Mallory

    Jealousy! I’m always charmed by the deals @ the factory store near my house, I can’t even imagine the joy I’d feel browsing through the clearance store.

  2. Anonymous

    BB you will be gorgeous in each and every piece! So glad you got in a jcrew shopping trip!

  3. blue moss

    i think we hit a similiar sale on our travels…..i don’t see anything exactly alike, but you know i grabbed some grey and yellow! 🙂
    hope you had a good trip
    love m

  4. karlene

    that is ridiculous, but I am happy for you. (kind of gives us an idea of how much we might be over-paying)

    Happy day!!

  5. S

    That is amazing. Do you know what’s funny is there are so many people that live here and don’t know about the JCrew sales. 🙂 I haven’t been in a while, but I need to get over there next month.

    It was good to see you this weekend!

  6. [J]

    I am SO jealous!Looks like you came home with some great finds!!

  7. Grover

    A J Crew Clearance Store! I am soooo jealous!

  8. Pattie

    Whoa!! Yay for bargain shopping for quality!!

  9. Munted kowhai

    eee i see a mustard cardi! that is so swoon worthy!
    *trying not to turn green*

  10. skB

    oh I hate you. No, i love you. . .but I hate that we weren’t the relatives in Va that you went to visit. . .and I hate that I wasn’t with you to get some great deals!!!! I feel a Saturday day trip coming on!!! 🙂

  11. ms. less is always more

    I AM green! Good for you girl!
    Now dish! Where can this place be found? I need details!

  12. Rachel

    You are a cruel, cruel girl! I’m so jealous.

  13. j.US.t chatter

    i turned green about 2.5 seconds after i saw the pictures even before reading how fabulous your deals were! There’s something even BETTER about looking great and knowing you did it for a small fraction of the price! you go girl!

  14. Katie Runnels

    i am so very jealous too. I keep making giant wish list baskets of spring clothes at all my favorite shops…waiting on that big paycheck!
    Way to shop!

  15. Amanda

    Ahhh! I see SEVERAL things I’ve been lusting over in your pile and can only imagine what you paid for them (saved on them!) if you got the cami for $20- are you kidding?! So jealous!

  16. HeddyShea

    I’m so Jealous! I cannot stand the thought of paying full price at any store, but certainly not Jcrew. What awesome scores! Congrats to you my friend. Now I am on a mission of my own!


  17. Shelby

    oh oh oh, it gets better! i actually live in lynchburg and once a month they have a warehouse sale…where they have set prices on everything ie: tank tops, shorts and t-shirts are $5! I too got the silk garland cami but only paid $5 (they consider those tank tops!) I recently blogged my finds here:

    I’ll definitely have to let you know when the next one is and you can plan another trip. 🙂

  18. knack

    hee hee hee…I love you guys!! You all make me laugh!!

    Shelby…..girl you totally rained on my parade!!:) My sis in law who lives in “the burg” told me the tent sale was last weekend and I about puddled on the floor….then this news from you!
    No really , I would have been happier to pay 5 bucks but still feel like I got great deals! Please, please, please tell us all when the next tent sale is! xo

    And for all of you wondering where this sale takes place it is in Lynchburg ,Virginia at the JCREW warehouse!!

  19. Mrs.French

    I think I am going to be sick…I have some of these and I did not go to the “clearance store”…when you go again, for goodness sakes let me know and I will put an order in…I would even trust you to pick some out for me! xo t

  20. heather carr

    seriously, i’m jealous. i’m going to find out where there’s clearance store near me, because that is just not fair!

  21. Amy

    I’m jealous too! Wish I had a clearance store near me! Nice work!

  22. Shelby

    haha…no mean to rain, just to inform you of possible deals in the future! i am still a little green about all your adorable tops especially that gray polka dot one!

  23. lily pottery

    ooooo…these are good ones! can’t wait to see ya sport them!

  24. Hello Lindello

    So jealous! I’m loving that little number with the flowers stitched to it…

  25. Sarah Arkanoff

    About a year ago right before I turned 27 I went through a slight identity crisis. I couldn’t figure out where I should be shopping. I was too old for store like abercrombie, forever 21, Urban. Express was going through some wacky identity crisis of their own, and Gap and Limited just reminded me of mom jeans. I was truly distraught- not kidding. I finally came to accept the sometimes high prices and fell in forever love with J Crew! Congrats on your steals you thief ♥


  26. Heidi Jo

    Amazing! These things are all gorgeous! I love bargain hunting! If we ever meet- we will have to bargain hunt… wherever we are. : )

  27. jackie

    Too, too late – I’m totally green with envy!

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