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I always, always love collaborating with talented, creative, good people…and this little mash up between myself and Brooke Fish of Fresh Bib brings a huge smile to my face!

Brooke and I became friends through the blog years ago and we immediately knew that we were soul sisters. We had a couple Skype dates, but longed to meet in person…and that finally happened this past March at an event held here in Greenville called the Makers Summit. Brooke stayed at my house, and we had the absolute best time together! When it came time for her to leave, it just felt all wrong. I think the Fish family needs to move to Greenville because we are meant to live close. My daughter just reminded me the other day that I cried a little bit when I dropped Brooke off at the airport….I totally did.

Anywhoo…maybe one day we will live close…but for now we are staying in touch and creating fun collaborations such as this together! Brooke created this special bibdana box to go along with my Fall/ Winter collection that just launched! I love the buffalo plaid bib, the hand made soap, and the beautiful quote that completes this amazing gift package. If you are looking to bless a mama today (or every month) sign them up to receive a box of goodness and encouragement! What Brooke is doing is way more than creating cute bibs and pretty packaging. Fresh Bib is a light to all mamas who are in the trenches raising little ones, rejoicing in the beautiful moments, encouraging those who feel like giving up some days, and who are exhausted and discouraged. Brooke uses green thread purposely when she sews her bibs because green is for a fresh start to each moment….each day.

Nov_Freshbib_front Nov_freshbib Nov_knack_messaging

Thank you Brooke for having a huge heart for mamas, and for letting that lead you into a creative business that encourages and inspires others!


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  1. Brooke

    Oh man, you just made me tear up! I love you so! Thank YOU for being such and encourager and inspiration to me in ALL that you do, from parenting to knack-a-licious creations. You are amazeballz. Xo

    • Barb Blair

      Brooke…you are the best….soul sista! xo

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