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  1. Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk

    oh my…i love this! My daughter will too. Great find!

  2. Joyce

    How cute is this?! I love it! It would make a great gift. I'm off to see more. Thanks. xoox

  3. PS~Erin

    How neat! These would make the perfect gift for a grad or a bride-to-be or really anyone. Thanks for passing along your find!

  4. erin

    i love little notebooks! these ones are so cute.

  5. *plum*tree*studio*

    what a great site! i loved all the pictures..the post on the flowers was beautiful and there was a great bag that was in the same post as the "loaf". great find!

  6. Pattie

    Ahh! This is super precious!

  7. Munted kowhai

    hahaha very cool and smart. would make a great graduation gift!

  8. Rebecca

    i was just thinking…i need a new journal!

  9. our little love nest

    So yummy! I love when things that aren't food are marketed as food…. I think I may have a food addiction;)
    (That site is just gorgeous…good find!)xoxo

  10. Hello Lindello

    great idea! i love awesome packaging.

  11. Prairie Girl Studio

    now aren't they YUMmy! and i like that they look 'whole wheat' …
    thanks always knack ~

  12. Bri

    Well hey, thanks for the shoutout! 🙂

  13. Rachel

    love it! would be great to use for an "idea book" with notes & sketches. then you can have it all chronicled.

  14. f2images

    Those are super cool. I love it when someone takes an everyday object as inspiration! What a cool gift that would make!

    Emiko 🙂

  15. rachellovespeace

    how clever! 🙂

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