I have gotten some sweet notes over the past week from friends that I have yet to meet in person…but who I sure hope to meet one day so that I can hug their necks and thank them for being so awesome….
I just wanted all to know that your notes and love are pinned on the walls and bulletin boards of the studio so that I can read them and be reminded of great friends on a daily basis…
……this is what makes the studio truly colorful and beautiful to me.
{P.S. I had to include the last photo for my Gigi. It is my brand new Knack apron that she surprised me with at lunch a couple of weeks ago! Isn’t it awesome?! The tag inside says “sewn with love” and then her name….. it is so special!}

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  1. Lindsey @ arkadian belle woods

    <3 <3 <3 You're awesome! I can't wait until we can meet too! Btw that apron is pretty saaa-weet too! I dig the letters!

  2. kalanicut

    Oooh, so many things to love on that wall! The sparkly gold K, inspirations & more. Delicious! Thanks for sharing a pretty studio peek!

  3. Meghan @ The Rambling Sister

    That apron makes my heart happy. So glad you are soaking up every single moment with your Gigi.

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